Strangers on a Plane 2019
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It doesn’t matter how many times you get on a plane, it still holds magic; like falling in love– it’s that excitement coloured by a tiny bit of fear. 


Courteney and Evren met on a plane.


They take you on that journey starting as strangers, becoming lovers, from couple to family, and through it all, the madness and music. It’s all there, the excitement and the fear, the magic.


Their journey became the soundtrack.


The whirring, thumping, whooshing mechanical noise of the plane humming in the background.


The music is dissonant, yet surprisingly hopeful, visceral and at times smothered in velvet. 


The vocals are ethereal and haunting; while the score speaks straight to your soul. 

It enters us – on the page, in the ear and through the eye.


Their lyrics read like a romantic tragedy channeled through vintage tones but no one category defines them. 


If you listen closely, for just a moment, and you can hear the heartbeat of the plane synchronized with theirs – Man, Woman, Music, Machine.