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Courteney Brookes and Evren Oz met on a plane.


They take you on that journey starting as strangers, becoming lovers, from couple to family, and through it all, the madness and music. It’s all there, the excitement and the fear, the magic.


Their journey became the soundtrack.


Their lyrics read like a romantic tragedy, the music is dissonant, yet surprisingly hopeful, visceral and at times smothered in velvet - but no one category defines them. They like it that way. 


Brookes's vocals are ethereal and haunting, and when combined with Oz - an internationally known artist, songwriter and producer - and his unique hip-hop influenced production style they create a perfect balance somewhere between ambient trip-hop and melodic pop hooks - its score speaks straight to your soul. 


In 2017 their song "Lonely" was featured in the Netflix series, Dark Matter, after which they set about to finish a complementary full album. 


In 2019 they released their self titled debut album, Strangers on a Plane which is a culmination of songs inspired by the experiences throughout their 10 year relationship.


They teamed up with the award winning Canadian director Lisa Mann to create a series of short film/music videos to accompany the album. 


The first of which for “All my Life” appears 51st on Thrillist’s “Top 100 Music Video’s of 2019” list.  This video examines modern society’s obsession with plastic. It is disturbing, beautiful and terrifying. The domestic industrialized life defined by rampant consumerism finds itself wrapped and trapped in plastics of all sorts, which now feels terrifyingly prophetic in our current world circumstance. 


The second short film is for the single “Could We” - an experimental exploration of a portrait in motion. 


It explores the concepts of self-isolation and personal struggles with our own mental entrapment. There is a great deal of strength and vulnerability in this video, from the ephemeral and the emotional to the physical - Brookes held her arms up for hours on end. When her eyes roll back and sings “take me so far away”, we can’t help but wonder where she goes.